Richard Harper



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photo by R. Selby

Although the human form has been central to his work, Richard Harper has maintained a strong interest in landscape painting. When he moved to France in 1986, annual outings into the countryside to paint landscapes became part of his routine. Through such forays, in which he found the means to absorb his surroundings and ground himself in his newly adopted country, the landscape genre has become integral to his artistic expression

"Richard Harper’s landscape and sky images perpetuate a timeless tradition in French painting, namely the realization in paint of visual sensations touched off by daily exposure to the Normandy landscape. Anyone who has experienced the locale will recognize these series as compendia of closely observed renderings that are at once generic and particular. While the paintings can serve to evoke the entire region, Harper could lead you to the specific field or tree around which a given composition is organized. In the luscious layering of paint, we discern the artist’s passionate yet quiet attachment to the countryside and culture in which he lives and works. Even as the paintings engage the historic practice of landscape painting, they acknowledge that a heightened awareness of place becomes inevitable in our contemporary globalizing condition." (Mary Reid Brunstrom)

Richard studied painting at the Los Angeles Art Center College of Design where in 1975 he graduated with a degree of bachelor of fine arts. In 1986 after working several years in California he moved to Paris, France. He now makes his home in a region of Normandy called Le Perche, where the countryside is part of his daily experience.